CS-TIW Bioinformatics: clinical trials data

The LinkedCT website provides different interfaces for linked data collected from the Clinicaltrials.gov website. Data can be downloaded via the search function. For the workshop, we are suggesting to use the trials data for diabetes. The set contains about 7000 studies and can be downloaded as a zipped xml file (22MB) or as comma-separated value files. The unzipped size of the full data is 91MB.

The LinkedCT website does not appear to have a download option for the whole data, but it is possible to browse the data using Semantic Web browsers. The URI for diabetes is here.

The idea for this workshop is to extract conceptual structures that provide insights about the data or allow users to explore the data. An elaboration of how conceptual structures tools can be used to browse, explore, visualise or structure linked data would be of particular interest.