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Formal Concept Analysis Chinese Vocabulary

Formal Concept Analysis is becoming more popular in China as demonstrated by a growing number of Chinese publications on FCA on the web. For example, a search for "形式概念分析" in Google scholar retrieves hundreds of documents. Below is a collection of some translations of FCA keywords into Chinese. I don't speak Chinese, therefore there is no guarantee that the translations below are correct.

There are a number of tools on the web, which help with Chinese/English translation:


Formal Concept Analysis 形式概念分析
application of Formal Concept Analysis 形式概念分析的应用
data analysis 数据分析
concept 概念
concept lattice 概念格
partially ordered set 偏序集 or 半序集
closure operator 闭包算子
Galois connection 伽罗瓦连接
formal context 形式背景
many-valued context 多值背景
object 对象
attribute 属性
Ganter 甘特尔

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