CO32037 Server Side Web Languages, Semester 1, 2003

Lecturers: Dr. Uta Priss, Dr. Xiadong Liu


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Weekly Schedule:

Week Topics Practicals Resources Readings Deadlines
1 Introduction to Perl Exercises 1, HTML Intro,
2 SSWL Applications and Languages Exercises 2, Some tips for Unix/telnet Prechelt: An empirical comparison ... (Pdf)
IEEE Computer 33(10):23-29, 2000.
Gousios: A comparison ... SANE 2002.
3 Arrays, Files and Hashs Exercises 3,     Coursework: teams
4 CGI/Web Forms, Greeting Cards Exercises 4, HTML Forms, CGI    
5 Regular Expressions Exercises 5, Basic RE syntax   Coursework: URL
6 Environment, Security Exercises 6,   Environment Variables,
WWW Security FAQ
7 Search Engines Exercises 7,   Search Tools Coursework: security
8 Maintaining State, Cookies Exercises 8, Cookies    
9 Reading Week NONE      
10 HTML Parsing and Web Crawlers Exercises 10 ,    
11 DBI and Shopping Carts Exercises 11,   Shopping Carts Coursework: completed
12 Perl Objects Exercises 12,      

Perl Books

NULIS has several Perl books, three of which have been put on reserve for this module in the short-loan system.
Napier University: School of Computing