L575 Student Projects

Ted and Matt Med-BLiMP Medical Bio-Chemistry Link Management program
Teresa WILL Web Inter-Library Loan
Sarah and Diana KES Keyword Extraction Software
Yolanda AIRS Administrative Information Retrieval System
Anne and William Contact Search through bills that are coming up for vote
Heather and Chris DAP Database of American Poetry
Victoria LYRICS Lyrics You're Really Interested and Curious in Searching
Sarah and Janie Faculty Scholar Datapreprocessing Tool for FacPubs
Paul and Jennifer STAIRS Service Tracking and Information Reporting System
Agnieszka and Tyler Citation Counter
Yuan Chang and Jean UGLS The UGLS Website Finder
Stephen SCOOL Subscriber Confirmation Of Online Literature
Sandy and Rashmi Owl Pellets On-line Indexing
Ping ISIE Instructor Students Interactive Enviroment
Michael MLBG Mailing List Be Gone
Karen BEARS Bloomington Electronic Apartment & Rental Search
Brent CAP-Form Cgi Activated gradPact - Form
Judi and Gertrud TSS Search Engine Search Engine for the Tuskegee Syphilis Study
Julia (Gulnara) Quintus A meta-search engine
Anna NetHound Search academic publishing house website
Pamela (Canghui) WEBS Web Express Book Store
Dean MAP Ministerial Abstracts of Papers
Bill WUSS Web User Satisfaction Survey
Carrie Inquisitor Search Student Employment Office web pages