L548 Student Projects

James & Nathaniel GE-n-IE Genealogical Entry & Information Environment
Linda, Kelly, Karen, David PrPS-see Search Search Engine for the Prion Diseases Website
Kathy, Ryan, Chris Matrix PSE A Perl Search Engine (PSE) for a multimedia poetry forum
Laura, Todd Furniture Ferret A Search Engine for an office furniture and supply company
Julie & Michelle 20 Questions A password resetting utility for UITS
Lois, Shelley, Jake BabelOn An asynchronous chatroom for Perl programming questions
Bernadette, Amanda, Thomas Grad Life Greetings A virtual postcard service for IU Grad Students
Sarah, Joe, Valentina WEBSCOPE A fun Chinese Horoscope and Fortune Cookies service
Sarah & Sooji VictorianBIT A search engine for XML files of the Victorian Woman Writer's Collection
Jessica & Terri The Search JesTer A search engine for a rare, collectible books website
Dan, Wittawat, Mi, Feng The Floppy Shoppy Store An Electronic Shopping Cart
Dave, Chris, Nathan DynaGen Dynamic update of website content from a database

Uta Priss