L548 Student Projects

Kathleen APPLE Automated Preschool/Plus Literary Engine
David R.O.D.M.A.N Retrieval Of Drivers for the Management and Administration of the Network
Kathryn & Lara Iskatel Search engine for Knowledge Base
Anne & Amy FATE Fortune and Trait Engine
Tim & Karim PPS Product Purchasing Script
Xiang & Wei Server administration system
Laura & Jonathan Search Engine for the Comic Art Collection at Michigan State
Cynthia Go Abroad Search Engine for IU OIP Register of International Affiliations
Chad BARF Banner Ad Ripping Function
Chengxiu English-Chinese LIS On-line Dictionary
Kira EMPRESS Electronic Mail Program for Rapid and Easy Searching and Sorting
Mark gaydar search engine with a parsing feature
Michelle & Tim CART for MT Books Collection of Academic and Research Textbooks - Shopping Cart
Merlyne & Kanneese JOSE Journal Online Search Engine
Lisa & Howard Search Engine for the Visual Design for Instructional Multimedia
Jonathan preview user-selected style sheet options
Amy on-line application system for the IUBSON
Maurelis & Jacqueline South American Guide Search Engine
Jin & Anastacia GRAMP Grade Revising And Modifying Program
Andrew Visual Sitemap
Tricia GOGMIF Government and Geography / Map Information Finder
Kent & Deb EARS Easy Audio Recording Search
Brad & Mark VALIDATOR Validator of All Links In Document(s) And Typer of Report