L548 Student Projects

Claudia, Peter, Robbie, Jenna VitaHerbaSearch (VHS) Search engine for vitamin and herbal supplements
Rochelle, Sherron SAS (Search and Shop) E-commerce search engine/shopping cart
Joachim, David, Roger HTMLDrill Web search/index tool
Bridget, David, Denise, Chris HomeSearch Real estate search engine
Li, Yoon, Nancy, Kaori NuerLYNK Search engine for Nuer language study materials
April, Jamie, Jessica, Sheryl StampFree Greetings Web-based greeting cards service
Yan, Yuanling, Qing, Himansu CompuShop Computer books shopping card
Linda, Alan, Marianne LAMA Greeting Cards Electronic greeting card service
Masaya, Warintorn E-closet A shopping cart for cultural clothing
Chiyon, Eshwarraj, Jon, Weiting Boolseye (Bullseye) Search engine for an HTML tutorial
Jae-Yeon, Aaron Recipe Finder Cooking Recipe Finder
Jeng-Yi SAME Story Assisting Moral Education
Jason, Fang, Bi-Yun, Subude EireannSearch Search engine for Irish newspaper

Uta Priss