SET07106 Mathematics for Software Engineering , Semester 2, 2010

Lecturer: Dr. Uta Priss


Module Descriptor FAQ, Help with Python, DCS, Unix, installation, etc
Documentation: Sympy, Python, Python 2.4.1 index
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Weekly Schedule:

Week Topics Practicals Resources
2 Introduction (pdf) exercises 1,
answers 1
Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
3 Sets (pdf)
Extra topic: Encryption (pdf)
exercises 2,
answers 2
4 Boolean logic (pdf) exercises 3,
answers 3
5 Functions (pdf) exercises 4,
answers 4
Sage on-line, Wolfram Alpha, Wolfram Functions
6 Graphs (pdf), exercises 5,
answers 5
NetworkX documentation
7 Matrices and relations (pdf) exercises 6,
answers 6
8 Descriptive statistics (pdf) exercises 7,
9 Lattices and classification (pdf) exercises 8,
Formal Concept Analysis
10 Probability (pdf) Coursework Another example of counterintuitive probability
11 Predicate Logic (pdf) Coursework  
12 Computability and randomness (pdf) Coursework chatterbot; 20 questions; fractal; Conway's Game of Life; Leopard spots

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