CO22001 Database Systems

Lecturers: Dr. Uta Priss, Dr. John Old


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When is the exam?
Exam preparation:
Past papers
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Normalisation Overview
ER diagram for jobs database
Musicians database

Teaching Plan

Week NoLecture ALecture BPractical Revision
01 Introduction SQL1 On-line SQL
02 ER1 SQL2 ... Quiz1 Answers
03 ER2 SQL3 ...
04 ER3 SQL4 ...
05 ER4 , Tutorial 1 Relational Algebra 1 ... Quiz2 Answers
06 Transactions Relational Algebra 2 ...
07 Concurrency Normalisation1 ...
08 Recovery example Normalisation2 ...
09 No lecture, practicals only deadline extended to: 17:00, Dec 4, 2007
10 Application Links AdminSecurity On-line Normalisation practical
11 DBMS Implementation Visualising DB Data On-line ER practical
12 Revision, Possible exam questions will be discussed. Quiz
13Revision Week
14Exam Week 1
15Exam Week 2

If you want to install the jobs database on your own computer:

Scripts for installing Oracle versions of both the jobs and musicians databases can be found here. Kevin Sim has converted the script for the jobs database to a MySQL version.

Where to buy the Student Notes booklet

You need to pay for the Student Notes booklet at the Reception (price £ 5).
Take the receipt to the School Office.
Ask for "Database Systems Student Notes".

How to register for the practicals

When you start your first practical, please, open the on-line SQL interface in a separate window. Then It is important that you are signed up for the correct occurrence in the practicals and that you are providing your correct matric number (because otherwise, your coursework mark will be 0). Any student who is resitting or continuing this module from a previous semester must change their profile to the correct occurrence. Otherwise the coursework mark will be "fail"!!

Assessment Information

The exam counts for 60% of the final mark. The coursework counts for the other 40% of the final mark.

To pass the module, students need to achieve an overall mark of 40% and at least 30% in the exam and in the coursework. (For example, a student could pass with 46% in the exam, 30% in the coursework. Another student could pass with 30% in the exam, 55% in the coursework).

Resit students need to achieve 40% in any component that they are resitting.


The exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions, each question having 5 options. No negative marking is used.

Past papers are available at the past papers webpage. (Several of the 2002 exams contain the solutions at the end.)

Sample solutions to multiple choice questions (similar to the ones in the exam) can be found in the on-line multiple choice quiz.


Official Frontpage of this assessment

The coursework mark is the "Assessment Total" which is visible on the "Main Index" page in the on-line SQL interface.

Resit Coursework

The resit coursework is an assessment through the on-line SQL system in the same style as the original coursework.

  • Resit during trimester I:
    Contact the module leader in week 1. Do the assessment either on your own or attend the practicals. The deadline is Friday in week 9 (same as for the regular students).
  • Resit during trimester II:
    Send an email to the module leader by the end of week 8. The on-line assessment will be opened for you on Monday in week 9. The deadline is Friday in week 14.
  • Resit during the summer:
    Send an email to the module leader within 10 days after you receive your June marks. You will then receive an email with instructions from the module leader.

    Information for students who are resitting the coursework

    Any student who is resitting or continuing this module from a previous semester must change the "Programme info" in their profile in the on-line SQL to the current occurrence, i.e. "CO22001 Merchiston, starting 01-Oct-07". Otherwise the coursework mark will be "fail"!!